Balletschool Marijke Clijsters                         

Kanaalkom 10/A, 3960 Bree, Belgium

Tutor: Emily Koschyck

Course Content:

26 January: Repertoire Level 2 (male & Female): 8 CPD points

27 January: Repertoire Level 3 (male & female): 8 CPD points


Members 1 day: 120 Euro                         

Members 2 days: 220 Euro                         

Non Members 1 day: 140 Euro

Non Members 2 days: 240 Euro

RAD student members 1 day: 90 Euros

RAD student members 2 days 180 Euros               


Account: Royal Academy of Dance                    

In reference field: CPD January 2019     

Account number: LU 37 0030 0889 03 85 0000               



50 ave J F Kennedy

L-2951 Luxembourg

Hotel option:

Hotel Mussenburghof

Brugstraat 76                              

3960 BREE, Belgium                         

Tel. +32 (0)89 46 11 38     


Standard room:

Used by 1 person: 52 Euros

Used by 2 persons: 84 Euros

Theme Room:     

Used by 1 person 57 Euros                              

Used by 2 persons: 94 Euros

The RAD Benelux and France took all 17 hotel rooms in option until 24 December 2018. Option dates: Friday 25 January and Saturday 26 January 2019. If you need a room for the CPD weekend mention Royal Academy of Dance when you get in touch with the Hotel. Please get in touch if you are having any trouble with booking the room.

More information:                    

RAD Benelux & France

t. 0031-6 -207 48 924 / Neeltje Holland



Due to the Pandemic, all (CPD) activities have been postponed. We We will update the website when we have news.

Stay safe!

Many of you may have already completed your CPD requirement. However, we recognise that the current exceptional circumstances mean that some of you may face difficulties in fulfilling the required CPD hours. If this is the case, when it is time to declare your CPD please indicate that you are Eligible for Exemption.

If you have questions please contact cpd@rad.org.uk or your local office. We will continue to offer a number of online activities, including live webinars and courses, which can be completed at any time.